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    Elements Organizer 10 terminates after a few seconds, PC crashes after a few minutes

    DigitalEngGuy Community Member

      A couple of weeks ago, I installed Photoshop+Premiere Elements from the Adobe online store.  Within a couple of days, I noticed that Elements organizer would crash within a minute of starting, sometime withing a few seconds.


      Also, even when I wasn't running Adobe, my PC would freeze after a few minutes with the HDD light solidly on.  My PC had never crashed before this installation.



      After a little sleuthing using task manager, I found that all the memory in my system (4GB) gets suddenly hogged (within seconds) by the "Elements Organizer" process (3GB) ... I found the service correspponding to this process, "Adobe Active File Monitor v10", stopped it and set autostart to manual.  My PC no longer crashes.


      I think Adobe needs to look into this one - it has all the hallmarks of a nasty memory leak.


      A couple of possible clues as to why certain systems don't take well to this service:


      - I have a few very large video clips (2hours+) on my PC

      - I installed trial products like light room, CS5 before settling on Photoshop+Premiere Elements - could leftovers after uninstalling cause conflicts?

      - I have other video editors on my system that I don't use, like Corel VideoStudio and Sony Vegas.