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    PDF/A-1b error


      Hi Everyone,


      I created a PDF/A-1b from an existing PDF files using Adobe Acrobat (version 9.5.0) Professional Preflight profile "Convert to PDF/A-1b (sRGB) (It is running in Windows XP). The PDF was converted successfully to PDF/A-1b. However when I checked the converted files, some of links no longer works. Then I found out that some of the Named Destinations' Page numbers are gone. I also tried to process the same files in the same version of Acrobat but running in Windows 7 Professional, and output has no problem.


      I'm not sure if this is a bug or compatibility problem. Does anyone already encountered the same problem? If you know the answer or solution to this problem, I would really appreciate if you can share it with me. Thanks and more power!!!

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          Suprem026 Level 1

          I think no one encountered a problem like this as I have received no answer. But I'm still hoping that someone can help me on this. Thanks again!

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            Mark Tezak Adobe Employee

            Hi Suprem026,


            Sorry, your mail was just today brought to my attention by Adobe support, I apologize for the lateness.


            The way Preflight creates and validates PDF/A, as well as they way the Acrobat program itself has maintained PDF/A viewing support has changed quite a bit since Adobe first introduced PDFA in Distiller 7.0.  The creation and support of PDF/A has improved immensely from version to version, especially as the standard itself becomes more ubiquitous.   Having said that, the behavior you describe does sound like a bug.  Have you had a chance to try the same process out on a system with Acrobat 10?


            Your mail doesn't divulge much information about the file itself.  It apparently has internal links  that became non-functional.  Probably the best thing is if I were able to actually look at your file, if that is OK with you. If that isn't feasible, then give me a step-by-step description on how to replicate this particular case.  I would also be curious to know that if you do this, that you are able to reproduce the behavior you describe.  If not, it is possible there are other things going on with that particular file.




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              Suprem026 Level 1

              Thanks Mark for responding to this problem. We have tried that in Acrobat 10 and we did not encounter the same problem. However, we also tested it in another PC with the same version but it worked fine.


              Sorry but I cannot provide the files used as they are confidentials. But I can provide you the procedure and screenshots.


              Here's what we did:

              1. Open the PDF (non-PDF/A compliant file) in Adobe Acrobat Profesional version 9.5.1. At this stage, I checked the destinations and they are complete.


              2. Go to Advanced>Preflight and select Convert to PDF/A-1b (sRGB) profile


              3. Click analyze and fix, then save the output file. After that Open again the PDF/A-1b compliant file and checked the destinations and here's what we got.


              You'll notice that some of the named destinations loose their links to their pages.


              Please note that we already tried to re-install Adobe Acrobat with no luck. We are open with the upgrading as a solution but we are still trying to find a much cheaper way to solve this. If you still need anything and these procedures and screen shots are not enough, please let me know. Thanks so much!