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    Editing tips for beginners?

    ljeco Level 1



      have been kicking around with PE7 for seom time now. Recorded 8 hours of footage on recent trip. Wan't to cut it to an hour or so to showcase highlights. Having self-learned PE, have been doing the following but think there must be better way:


      1) get all media from video cam via firewire directly into PE7 (DV-AVI). Saving and working from external hard drive via usb becasue internal memory nearly full (know its prone to errors but been working fine). Typically downloads as a single 1 hour file. Big, but works ok once peak file generated.


      Here is where i'm sure i'm wasting time.


      2) Open each 1 hour file in separate project then go through and cut out all the 'throw away bits' - (between shots, setting up shots, bad pans/zooms etc etc).


      3) Putting the relevent bits of a single theme together (still need editing later to create final sequence) and export to DV-AVI file.


      4) Open new project, import all the similar relavent exported files form the different tapes/projects (from #3 above). Going through all and cutting again and ordering into final sequence, additing transitions, audio as apporpriate. Getting rid of the second unused bits. Exporting final sequence to another new DV-AVI file. Repeat for each sequence.


      5) Open new, final project. Importing all the final sequences (from #4 above). Joiing/broad transitions between. Titles, menus, export final product.


      Any advice to better this self-taught process most welcome! Think i could probably skip #2. Not sure about loss of quality by so many exports, etc etc. Love to hear how the pro's do it etc etc!


      look forward to hearing from those more expereinced than i!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Workflows are highly personal. What works for User 1, might fail horribly, for User 2.


          I like to start, as you mention, and then bring the full Clip into the Source Monitor (Dbl-click on it in the Project Panel), and then use it to Trim Instances from it. There, I can be Frame-specific, and then drag that Instance to the Timeline. Repeat, until I have extracted every useful segment/Instance. Then, I might tighten things up a bit, but usually, my Trimming has been exact, so there is not much else to do, other than add Transitions, music, and Export/Share.


          Not sure if that helps, but it works fine for me, in both PrE and PrPro.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Meantime, why not start with my free  part Basic Training tutorial series at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com?


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              +1 for Steve's Basic Training Series!!!



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                ljeco Level 1

                Thanks Bill, Steve, as always!


                Bill, i vaguely remember seeing that on a youtube clip quite a while ago. Just tried it out, answers all my questions, this is just what i was looking for to save the 'double-handling'! Thanks mate.


                Steve, thanks for the heads up. I've recently come to the decision about life, it's probably time to stop self-teaching myself everything! Anyhow, i've downloaded the free 8 part series. Will take a look at these before deciding on paid-subscription to look at the rest of the lessons. I know i will end up doing so though! Especially as the first paid lesson is probably what i'm after in regards to this question. Just a little note, i couldn't open the download popup using Google's Chrome browser. Had to go back to IE. No problems though.


                Case solved. Cheers.