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    Calling ensureIndexIsVisible after adding items to the dataProvider

    Roy Nevo Level 1



      I get a strange behavior where calling ensureIndexIsVisible doesn't show the correct item.

      Am I missing the correct event to listen to after adding items to list data provider?



      I use spark.components.List with an HorizontalLayout to display my data.

      My data is displayed using ItemRenderer's.


      After adding new items to the dataProvider I register to Event.RENDER and within this handler I call ensureIndexIsVisible and unregister to this event.


      // adding some data to dataProvider - a few thousnd items




                                                                  function renderHandler(e:Event):void


              // show index


              list.removeEventListener(Event.RENDER, renderHandler);



      Debugging I've done:

      1. If I comment out removeEventListener, it will eventually work after a few times the event fires.

      2. The initial location that I see is a few items behind so if i scroll a little I can find the desired item