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    Creating intros

    phatty5 Level 1

      I am trying to figure out how to create an intro that the title flys in small to big on an angle and then flysout on the same angle.  Then have another title fly in from the side left or right.  With a picture that comes in big and ends at the correct size.    Can someone explain if I can do this using effects or transitions?..  Also are there any free  effects and transitions I can down load..and free sound effects..

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can't do this with existing effects and transitions -- but it's certainly easy enough to create this kind of effect using keyframed animation, a key concept with this program.


          My free Steve's Tips article on "Basic Keyframing" will show you the basics -- but it's potential is pretty much limited only by your imagination!


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            nealeh Level 5

            phatty5 wrote:


            Also are there any free  effects and transitions I can down load..and free sound effects..


            Steves site http://muvipix.com has free downloads you can download.





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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Steve's multi-part series on Keyframing Effects, is where I suggest you start. Keyframing is extremely powerful, and with that power, comes a bit of a learning curve. However, when one has become familiar with the interface, and the concept of Keyframing Effects over time, it gets easier, each time you use Keyframes. Because they can be used with most Effects (including the Fixed Effects, automatically applied to each Clip), every second that you spend learning how to manipulate them, will pay dividends. When you become familiar with Keyframing, you will likely never use an animation Preset again.


              To do what you want, you would Keyframe three of the Fixed Effects: Rotation, and Motion>Scale and Motion>Position.


              Basically, you would create your Title, and then in the Effects Tab, go to Edit Effects w/ that Title Selected. As we are going to Keyframe those three Fixed Effects over Time, we will start at the first Frame of the Title. Note: when a Title is created, or a Still Image is Imported, its Duration will be determined by what you set in Edit>Preferences>Still Image Duration, but you can click+drag on the Tail of your Title, to set any Duration that you need.


              Then, in the Edit Effects/Effects Control Panel, just toggle Rotation ON, and adjust the amount of Rotation, that you need. In your case, you will only need to do that on the first Frame, as it will not change over time, hence no additional Rotation Keyframes are needed.


              At that point, I would work with Motion>Position, and save Motion>Scale for the next step. From that first Frame, toggle Motion>Scale ON (click on the Disclosure triangle to reveal Scale and Position, below Motion. Adjust the Position, so that the Title is off-screen on the left (you will use Position to place your second Title off-screen to the right). Determine where, in time, you want the Title to be in its final Position, and add a Keyframe with that final Position. Now, that Rotated Title will come in from the left, and come to rest in its final Position.


              Last, we go to Motion>Scale. I would work "backwards" here, to see best, what we are doing. That is also why I suggest doing Position before Scale here. Toggle Scale ON. Set the position of the final Keyframe (where you want the Title to be at its final size). Then, go back to the first Frame, and set a Keyframe. Adjust that to a Scale of 0 (zero).


              Render your Title (hit Enter/Return, and red line above Title turns green). Hit the Spacebar to play your Title. It should come onto the screen from the left, and moving into the final Position, while growing in size (Scale), and already Rotated.


              You can then apply additional Keyframes, to say, have the Title shrink, while moving off-screen.


              Steve's Keyframing series will fill in the blanks in my steps above. He also talks about adding Keyframes on the Timeline. Personally, I like working with the Effects Control Panel, as I can see all of my Fixed Effects at once, rather than having to toggle between various Effects Keyframes, but many others like working in the Timeline. With the concepts of Keyframing Effects (whether Fixed, or applied) in one's mind, all it takes is some practice.


              Good luck, and happy editing w/ Keyframed Effects.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                This intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DtFhNoi614 has examples of several Titles, animated with Effects Keyframes over time.


                The first is a very long, scrolling Title, where the Fixed Effect>Motion>Position was Keyframed. Next, two Titles stay in their original Position, but the Fixed Effect>Opacity was Keyframed, to have them "fade in." Then, the word "LIFE" is Keyframed on both Motion>Position and Motion>Scale, so that it comes into Position and grows in size (Scale). Last, the Titles have the Fixed Effect>Opacity Keyframed.


                Good luck, and hope that gives you some ideas.



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