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    Producing a Video - Best Render Settings for After Effects & Premiere Pro?


      Hi Guys,


      I just want to make sure I am producing my video the right way .... it takes an awfully long time and I have to use 2 programs....


      First I have a 1080p HD Camcorder - so when I shoot my videos I want to ensure they are 1080p.


      So I do my editing in After Effects and produce the video as an AVI file - and usually a 5 min clip outputs as 70GB (Full Quality Settings)


      I then take this video and import it into Premiere Pro and produce it as WMV file (Full Quality) and then the final output is 200MB and the quality is not lost - so I am happy.


      So my question is am I doing it the best way? 


      I tried to produce it as a WMV straight from After Effects but I am not sure what settings to pick that will keep the quality and not make the filesize huge - so I am forced to use 2 programs.


      So if there is an easier way let me know ... bc it sucks using 2 programs to render out the video.


      And also is that normal - 200mb for a 5 min clip or is that still too big? 


      Remember I want to keep things 1080p.


      If you want to see a sample of my video that I am producing - you can watch my YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/socialmindz


      Thanks for your help.