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    Issue Related Table of content using Robohelp


      How to handle context sensitivity in a merged project?

      We have one Main project and 10 module specific projects. The output for the project is CHM.  The module specific chms have been merged into the Main project using merged project functionality of Robohelp 9.  The chm is further integrated into the application.

      Now when F1 is pressed the correct topic is being displayed but with that Module’s Table of Contents (i.e. child ToC) instead of Main ToC.


      Module specific projects have created and map ID is assigned to each topic.  The window definition and the reference to Main chm and ToC are added to each project.
      Merged all the chms in the Main project and generated the Main chm.
      Integrated main chm into the application.

      Expected output: The correct topic should be displayed with Main project ToC.

      Actual output: The correct topic is displayed but with that module’s ToC.


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Vikas and welcome to the RH forums.


          The secret here is to add the master project's TOC file (projectname.hhc) to the Advanced Properties inside the window being used by the SSL you are using inside your child projects (see below). You'll also need to add the .HHC file to the baggage files in each project.



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            vkas70 Level 1

            Please refer below the steps followed:

            1. Closed child projects and parent project.
            2. Deleted CPD file for each project.
            3. Opened child project. Verified the window definitions (i.e. window refers to Parent.hhc which is added as a baggage file to each child).
            4. In the Single Source layout properties verified that the correct options are selected (e.g. the ‘NewWindow’ is selected in the Advanced properties).
            5. Generated chm.
            6. Verified that the HHP file does not have any hard coded paths.
            7. Repeated above steps for remaining child projects.
            8. Replaced the child chms in the Parent project with the new chms.
            9. Opened the Parent project and verified the window definitions and Advanced properties option point to the same window selected in the child projects.
            10. Compiled Parent project.
            11. The output chm shows the correct ToC when opened using View Output functionality of Robohelp. Issue is when I test context sensitivity.
            12. Tested context sensitivity, correct Topic is being displayed but no ToC in the ToC pane. It is still blank.
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              vkas70 Level 1

              I tried the steps mentioned by you but it dod not worked and the TOC is not displaying anything.


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                Ashley_Drew Level 1

                We also have merged .chm files and they have been giving us fits, but I think I have found a solution by piecing together information in other posts. Here's what I'm doing:


                For the parent project:


                1. Edit the xpj file in notepad. Look for a section containing a list of merge files with duplicate entries or other irregularities. Ours was such a mess I deleted the section and re-added all of the merged files to the TOC. 


                2. Compile the cleaned up parent and copy its hhp file to your child projects. Make sure they each have it as a baggage file. 


                For the child projects:


                1. Create a clean list of the merged projects in the XML format used in the merged project section of the xpj file.


                2. Copy the list into the merge file section of the xpj file. Be sure to delete the entry for the project that  you are woking on. For example, the AP project shouldn't list the AP merge file.


                (The merge section was empty in most of ours, and one had several duplicate entries. These issues were affecting the hhp file so that every time we fixed it, it might work once, but then it would break the next time we compiled the project.


                3. Create another list of your merge files and copy it into the [MERGE FILES] section of the project hhp files. You may need to add the [MERGE FILES] heading.


                4. Delete the cpd file.


                5. Open the project in RH and compile.


                This is working for me -- at least for today. Good luck.