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    retrieving html text not html document from RichEditableText control




         I have some html text

      Ex- This is <b> test </b>

      which i am setting to RichEditableText using TextConvert.importToFlow(),I want to format this text just bold and italic and then get back  same html text back with

      only formatting i have done.


      Suppose i have formatted this text in RichEditableText like;


      Ex- This <i>is</i> <b> test</b>


      But when i am trying to get back this from RichEditableText using;


      TextConverter.export(richedittxt.textFlow,TextConverter.TEXT_FIELD_HTML_FORMAT,ConversionT ype.STRING_TYPE);

      It gives a complete html document with <html><body><font> tags, which i dont want. It should not includes all these extra tags.


      Can any one suggest, whether it is feasible or not ? Please reply if any one has solution