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    cffile and different network domains

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      We currently have a document system that is controlled by coldfusion.  Basically, all the documents (ie pdf, xls, doc) reside in a directory on a server specifically designated as a fileshare server.  The web server(s), which runs coldfusion 9.0.1 sit on the same network as the fileshare and the coldfusion app is set up using a domain user to access the fileshare.  We access the fileshare using the cffile tag, save a copy of the document on the local webserver and then pass it down using the cfcontent tag.


      To tighten security, we want to move the fileshare into a different domain, once we do that we won't be able to use cffile to access the server since it will be in a different network domain.  What options do we have to access the file share?  Will we have to do something with cfhttp or cfftp?  I am concerned that using either will cause performance hits compared to what we do now.  Any advice would be helpful.