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    Web Content Viewer

    Jerry Cooley Level 1

      Hey, just checking in. What's the status of the web version of the content viewer? As I recall, a target date of May was mentioned.

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          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

          That's part of the social sharing set of features. The initial implementation in v19 includes limited linking to a publication URL through a Facebook option in the viewer. In the May release, it's possible that that social media links will display an HTML representative of the DPS article in the desktop browser.

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            Jerry Cooley Level 1

            Thanks for the addtional info. Two followups, if I may. (I'm planning for a future app release right now, which this could be relevant to).


            1. Is this meant to be an HTML version of the entire publication, or simply a display of a single article. (Your response implies the latter)

            2. In either case, is this based on Flash or HTML5?