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    Problem copying and pasting text from one ID doc to the next, help?




      I am redesigning a book which was done very badly in InDesign. I have no text document to work from, and because the text was dropped in lots of individual (i.e. not linked) boxes, I need to do a lot of copying and pasting to try to bring it back to one long manuscript type document that I can re-format more easily.

      My new document is set up with 2 columns, and something strange happens when I copy and paste the text from the old document. The first chunk of text will copy fine, but when I want to paste another chunk of text from another box, the text seems to import in the middle of the first chunk of text I copied, no matter where I've put my cursor to start with.

      At first I thought it was just random and that I was losing text, but now I see that it actually is to do with the columns, I'm not losing any text, but it's making the first chunk of text run in the 2 opposite columns and the second chunk of text goes in 2 columns too, but underneath. Not sure if I'm making sense, but the end result is that it looks like I've got 2 2-columned text boxes one above the other, so that it splits the 2 different chunks of text I've copied.

      I'm sure there is a very simple option somewhere to tick or untick, but I just can't figure out what it is.

      Does anybody know what it is I must do to get my text to flow as if it was just one piece of text?

      Thanks for your help!