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    How to convert idml to image via soap


      This is cross-posted on stack overflow, so if anyone want's delicious SO rep points, head on over to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9946460/indesign-server-how-to-export-idml-as-image and I'll be more than happy to dole them out.


      I need the very simple functionality in my application to convert an idml file to image. I will have access to InDesign Server through SOAP but am having trouble understanding the process for actually doing this.

      I have not used SOAP services in forever, and even then only for a few simple things so can someone explain the process to me?

      From digging through the dozens of scattered pdfs it seems like the process has something to do with passing a javascript script to the server which will then execute against the InDesign API.

      1. Is this summation correct?
      2. How is the idml file itself passed to the server?
      3. I can't find an actual Api anywhere. How do I 'export idml to tiff' for example?