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    photomerge reposition problem

    markkohn1 Community Member

      I have been waiting for nearly two years for a fix in the that photomerge reposition problem,

      in version CS4 in the raposition mode it was possible to set the position of the photographs,

      in version CS5 it stopped working  and so you can imagine how disappointed I was when I opened the beta version of CS6

      I can not use CS 4 because it interferes with the capture one color profile   and it should not be necessary,


      mark Kohn Amsterdam

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          Noel Carboni Community Member

          You aren't really giving quite enough information...


          You need a manual repositioning facility?  If so, is it because Photomerge is not properly recognizing where the images are similar and positioning them properly?  Can you show an example (screen grabs would be great).


          Also, I doubt that Photoshop CS4 "interferes" with any color profile, assuming you have your color management configuration set up properly.


          Would you like to discuss these things further in pursuit of a workaround or fix?  Assuming your task is doable, I'll bet we can find some solutions here with the tools you already have.



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            markkohn1 Community Member

            Dear Jive,

            thank you for your quick reply.

            I had to reinstall  my old software on an old computer..


            I am sorry it was older then I remembered,  it was in version CS3 ( look at the screen dumps )

            It was possible to position and chose the order of photographs in the reposition mode,

            I spoke with Terry White about this on a show in Amsterdam, and he got back to me explaining that it was a bug

            that was being seen to.

            now tree versions further  it still is not fixed.  what is the goal of reposition mode like it is now, it does the same as auto mode?


            About the color conflict with capture one,  believe me , I tested it - I got the info from Capture one- if you have cs4 and cs5 installed - if the color looks good on capture one

            and you open it back into photoshop thy are not the same- however if you uninstall everything and then only instal CS5 it works good.

            why I do not know but i have tested it



            I do so much with stitching photographs - I have moved on and stopped using photoshop for this - but i still want it back!


                                      Hartelijke groet,


                                         Mark Kohn.


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              R_Kelly Community Member

              It sounds like your talking about the Interactive Dialog for photomerge, which is available for cs5 in the optional plugins.

              Perhaps adobe will release that for cs6 when the production version is out.




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                markkohn1 Community Member

                You are quick on a Sunday - thank you!

                stupid question after two years, but were are the optional plugins?


                                          best wishes,


                                             Mark Kohn.






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                Re: photomerge reposition problem

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                It sounds like your talking about the Interactive Dialog for photomerge, which is available for cs5 in the optional plugins.


                Perhaps adobe will release that for cs6 when the production version is out.


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                  Trevor.Dennis MVP

                  Interactive worries me a wee bit.  I mentioned that Photomerge was not working for me from Bridge, but I found a workaround by 'Loading into Photoshop layers' from Bridge, then Auto Align layers, followed by Auto Blend layers.   The thing is, that going this way you get to see how Photoshop has aligned your layer stack _before_ the blend process, and it looks to be miles out.  Honest indian.  Give it a try to see what I mean.  The problem for us humans is that we can't see under the overlapping layers until we start painting on the layer mask, but Photoshop knows without looking.  So when you apply Auto Blend layers to your apparently misaligned stack, hey presto, a perfect match.


                  So my point is that if this the way of things, because Photoshop has transformed the individual layers, how are we meant to align them manually if we can only see the edges of the layer overlaps, and the best match is hidden?