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    TEAPluginIE.DLL does not get loaded at the time of QTP Recording even after installing FLEX add on


      I installed FLEX Add on for QTP and i selected the FLEX and AIR addons while start-up in QTP. But, still the FLEX SPARK Components are not getting recognized in even after i installed the flex add on in QTP. In the adobe trouble shooting document it is specified that the recording will not work if two DLLs (TEAPluginQTP.DLL and TEAPluginIE.DLL) did not load at the time of recording.

      For, me the TEAPluginIE.DLL is not being loaded (i used process explorer) at the time or recording. It looks like some settings issues in IE (I currently use IE 6). Does anyone knows how to make that DLL getting loaded?


      Note: Both DLLs are available in the registry.