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    Trick for disabling shortcuts in Text edit?

    groove25 Level 4

      Does anyone know a trick for overriding or disabling a keyboard shortcut while in Text edit mode in Fireworks?


      A while back, I added a custom keyboard shortcut (Shift +) to allow me to cycle forward through blend modes, via command. This is the default keystroke combination used by Photoshop, and it's also a shortcut that I've added to Illustrator, so it's my preferred choice. However, I recently noticed while in Fireworks' Text edit mode that I cannot type a simple "+" sign, because it triggers the blend mode command instead. This isn't a problem in Photoshop or Illustrator—somehow, they bypass keyboard shortcuts while in Text edit mode, but Fireworks 8 does not.


      It occurs to me now that I could temporarily switch to Fireworks' standard keyboard shortcuts set while I'm editing text, and then switch back to my custom set once I'm done. Alternatively, I could use the Character Viewer in the Mac OS to insert the "+" character—which is even easier to do if I add that character to my Favorites.


      These are pretty good solutions... but if anyone has a quicker method, I'd be interested. I'm also curious whether newer versions of Fireworks have the same issue. It seems like a number of users on this forum have had problems with Text suddenly disappearing... I don't know if there could be a correlation. In general, it would seem like a good idea for Fireworks to override shortcuts while in Text edit mode, à la Photoshop.