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    EcoSign details

    jay fresno Level 2

      Does anyone know how EcoSign is supposed to work in Adobe Reader?

      How secure is EcoSign?

      I searched the web -- looking for step-by-step instructions -- and wasn't able to come up with anything.

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          EnterpriseHelp Adobe Employee

          What is your definition of "secure"?


          Echosign uses a login-email-password type authentication as opposed to Acrobat's certificate based authentication. Both have unique advantages.


          The are two main security issues with sigs:


          • Is the signer really the signer? (Identify verification)
          • Is what I see that's signed identical to what the signer saw when they were signing? (document integrity)


          You have to decide what you want based on your workflow, who you trust, what infrastructure you have at your disposal, how in depth the signing and signature verification needs to be, whether you care about document integrity, etc.



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            jay fresno Level 2


            Thanks for your input about the security issue.

            Do you have any input on how EcoSign is used? Is it mainly for PDFs that get emailed? Or can it easily be used on the web, for PDFs that are posted on the web?

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              jay fresno Level 2

              Does the Reader user have to use the EcoSign web site in order to sign?

              Can the PDF be signed on a company web site, without the Reader user having to navigate to the EcoSign web site?


              Lots of questions because I've not been able to find out by searching the web.

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                AmbooS Adobe Employee

                Reader 10.1.2 has an integration with Adobe EchoSign in the sense that it enables an end user to fill-up documents, electronically sign and then send a PDF document, without having the need to print them. You can access the feature via the "Sign" pane in Adobe Reader 10.1.2.

                There are two options available to the user:

                1 - Fill and Sign: Here the user can place text using 'Add Text'. Users can add arbitrary text to a PDF, eg. in documents where Reader cannot interact with the document even though the document looks like a form, in forms where user cannot save the filled-up form. In such cases the only option a user has is to print the form, fill it and then fax or fedex the filled up document to the author or scan it and send it electronically. Using the Sign pane in Reader, a user can add text and also electronically sign the document using an image of their signature. He can create a 'signature' from a scanned paper which has user's handwritten signature and place it on the PDF.

                2 - Send for Signature: Here the user is sent to EchoSign for collecting signatures from others.


                Do let me know if you are interested in more details about the feature.