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    200 line excell doc, data merge...


      So I have a excell doc with 200 names/addresses it's tab separated.


      I used data merge to bring it in, it made 181 or so pages. Which is fine. But each page contains the entire excell sheet, how do I edit it so that only one line per excell sheet appears on each of the ID pages?


      What I end up needing is a single line from the excell doc per page. Each line is a name/business/address.


      Im printing 200 invites each addressed indivudually.

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          Michael Gianino Level 4

          I'm not sure what you have in your Excel file, or how you have your DataMerge template set up, but here's what will work:


          What ever you have in the cell in the top row of each column in the Excel file will be the category that you will bring into InDesign. So, you might have:




          …as your categories, and:


          John Smith............123 Main Street..........Anytown, California 12345


          …as the first row of records. Of course, you can split those up into as many fields as you like—first name in one cell, last in another, etc.—what ever works for you. Export that as a tab delimited text file.


          In InDesign, you select the text file as the data source, and as many cells you had type in on the first row will show up as placeholders. Make a text frame, click in with your text cursor and double-click on each placeholder to enter them into the text frame. Separate them in the way that you like (with spaces, returns, tabs, what ever you like).


          You seem to want one record per page, which is the default, so that works out well for you. Most of what you need will be in the Records tab, and you won't need to look at the Multiple Record Layout tab if you want one record per page. Have a look at the Options tab as well, and when you hit OK, you should have a page for each of your 200 rows of Excel data. If you don't, double-check the Excel page to see if you have any errors.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            To expand Michael's response, if you want a full page of multiple labels all the same (i.e one page of John Smith, then one page of Jane Doe), use step and repeat to create a grid of your placeholder fields after arranging the first set. When you do a one-record-per-page merge each of these will fill with the same record.