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    myMovie._height on dynamic content in that movie...

    brian914 Level 1
      I have a movie that I am loading text into. The textbox is set so the text flows downward. In an ifStatement further down, I am trying to see how tall that movie is(depending on how much text goes into it) to see if I should attach a scrollbar for the movie. If I trace the hight, it tell me that the movie is 200 high, which is the size that I created the textfield in that movie. But when the text is in it, it is actually much taller.

      How can I get an accurate reading of how tall it is, after the text is loaded into it?

      Thanks a lot!
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          if the textfield is a child of the movieclip, the _height property of the movieclip will be an accurate reflection of the _height of the textfield.

          so, if your textfield has wordWrap and multiline enabled,autoSize="left", its _height will increase as text is added.

          p.s. it would be easier to use the maxscroll property of your textfield to determine if a scrollbar are needed.