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    Premiere Pro CS5 Loading Files


      Whenever I boot up Premiere Pro, it always has to load up all of my files in my project before I can do anything (when it's finished it'll say All media loaded in the bottom left).

      I don't remember it doing this before. Anyone have any experience with this??


      (I'm not talking about waiting for PP to startup, this is waiting when I already opened my project)



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          This is normal.  It happens for everyone.

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            Jim Curtis Level 3

            Right.  You may not notice it with small and new projects.  But, the larger your project grows, with more items in your timeline, the longer it takes.


            A large part of this time is taken by loading the .pek files, which are the visual representations of your audio waveforms.


            If you have a striped RAID on your system, you can speed up the process by assigning your caches preference to a folder on your RAID.  Since striped RAIDs read and write faster than most commonly used single-disk boot drives (which I believe is the default location), that'll give you a slight speed boost.