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    flex 4.5 addElements and getElement




      I'm trying to add elements to a group with a button and then mathematically add the totals


      protected function addNewItem(event:MouseEvent):void{


           // I want to add a group like this everytime someone clicks on the "Add A New Item" button to the VGroup "qItems" and increase the id by 1 "products1, product1, description1, price1" and so on.

           <s:Group id="products">

                <s:TextInput id="product" width="100" />

                <s:TextInput id="description" width="100" />

                 <s:TextInput id="price" width="100" />




      protected function addMainTotal(event:MouseEvent):void{


         // Add the price field of every added item







      <s:Button label="Add A New Item" click="addNewItem(event)"/>

      <s:Button label="Add Totals" click="addNewItem(event)"/>

      <s:VGroup id="qItems" width="100%" styleName="qMain"/>


      Thank you all.