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    Transcoding issues and settings



      i have the following system specifications-

      Graphic card- GTX 560 ti

      CPU -2600k

      RAm- 16gb 1600mhz

      H.d- 4 tb + 500 mb for operating system

      SMPS- 550 W


      Video duration -2.5 hours, of a wedding with a lot of transitions,effects and motions

      video codec -Jpeg motion

      Now i want to export this to a bluray, so i have the following questions/issues after burning two such blurays-

      01. It takes 3 hours and some to render it in encore on mpeg 2 settings,single pass. The GPU is constant at 0 % and in the memory cache of the graphic card the available memory is 1025, but it does not exceed 324 mb. Is this normal or are their any bios settings or other settings that i need to be aware of?


      02. Is h.264 a better output setting than mpeg 2. Is there any discerenable difference when we view it on a blyray player?


      03. In project settings, there are two render settings, mercury software only and other mercury GPU engine, which one of the two gives a better speed/output?


      04.In rendering quality settings, is it better to mark maximum rener quality and maximum bit rates?


      05. Is it better to render in premiere or encore? Faster process?


      06. VBR and CBR settings, which one is better?


      07.Maximum bit rate for a bluray ? 35,25?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          01. Sounds quite normal. The GPU is not used for encoding and an almost real time encoding is quite acceptable.

          02. H.264 is more effective and efficient. Just use H.264-BR and the result from a 2.5 hour timeline will be better.

          03. Hardware MPE will give the better results.

          04. Maximum render quality should be ticked for best quality. Maximum bit depth should not be used with MJPEG material.

          05. Encoding with AME from PR gives you more options, like 5.1 sound if you have the Minnetonka plug-in, custom bitrate settings, etc. but it requires you to know what you are doing.

          06. If you need to ask VBR versus CBR questions, you do not yet qualify for the AME route asked in 05, but should use the dynamic link option to Encore.

          07. Look here: DVD-HQ  Bitrate & GOP calculator

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            ishwinderjauhar Level 1


            thanks for the reply, will read up about point 5to 7.