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    IPTC extension info not appearing in the correct spot in metadata Iptc4xmpExt:Event

    Le Lion 07 Level 1

      Hi from France.


      This is a technical point...


      Step by step :

      - with an external dam software (IDimager), I assign the tag Event ("Iptc4xmpExt:Event") with, say, "TEST", to a jpg file.

      - I update the file, then close IDimager.

      - I open PS, open the jpg file and look at its informations (File > Informations)


      Under "IPTC Extension", the box "Event" is empty... No more "TEST". I look at "Advanced" and I find this :

      > no "IPTC Extension",

      > a new entry, called "Scheme (h**p://iptc.org/std/Iptc4xmpExt/1.0/2008-02.29/) ; under this entry, I see : "Iptc4xmpExt_1_:Event" with the value "TEST" [I replaced  the "tt" of "http" with "**" to avoid creating a link]


      If I check the tag Event with an other program (XnView which allows to see the XMP, or the free and excellent EXIFTool), all is right. There is no problem with this mysterious "_1_" added by PS at the end of the Event tag name.


      Any idea ?