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    Search for Effects... Turn Them On / Off at Once

    Marc Trzepla Level 1

      Is there a way to search for effects in a Project?  I tried searching in the Project search box but it looks like that's just for comp names or names of elements, or Missing items.   I tried in the (IMHO still useless) Flowchart but a) there's no Search function in the Flowchart and b) though clicking the FX button expands nodes to show effects still means I have to use my eyeballs to go through every comp / layer to find what I'm looking for.


      Here's why I want to search for Effects.  I use Reel Smart Motion Blur (RSMB) for my 3D renders.  But it all adds up and sometimes starts making my Comps slower to work in before final render and I tend to turn the RSMB off to speed things up.      But it's not as easy as the Uber "No Motion Blur" button for native motion blur in After Effects.      Come time for final render I want to just search for every instance of RSMB and turn them back on.


      Maybe there's a Script that does this that my Google searches / browsing on AEScripts didn't turn up?


      Thank you,