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    Scroll Images


      Hi... I am creating a comic book in inDesign. Of course, each page is a full size image created in Photoshop. When I publish as an eBook and view in DE 1.8, the pages lay out just fine. However, I enlarge the page to read the actual text in the dialog ballons. The only way to do this is to increase the ePub Text Size fromt he Reading menu. There really isn't any flowable text, but it does enlarge the full page image.


      However, the problem is that only the top half of the page fits in the window. There is no way to pan/scroll the enlarged image to read the bottom of the page. In Acrobat Reader, I would just use the hand tool to pan/scroll the page. Why is there no way of doing this in DE 1.8? How are graphic novels and comic books read in DE?


      Thanks... T