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    Burning DVD's in Premiere Elements 8


      I get the "Blue Screen of Death" when I try to export to a DVD in Premiere Elements 8.  Started happening after uploading the latest Adobe Elements 8 software upgrade.  I can export to all other files, but going to the burner is where I have problems.  Also, the drivers for the DVD burner is all up to date.  I turned off the auto render and auto analyzer options for the project.  Any other options, other than upgrading to 10?  I mean, if Adobe is going to push software for upgrades, I believe they shouldn't use it as a way of having to upgrade, at our cost, to do the job they have been paid to do all along, right?  Thanks...

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum. The two main causes of a BSOD are a hardware issue, or a main driver issue in the OS. See this ARTICLE for some troubleshooting tips, and tools.


          Also, this ARTICLE starts with a checklist on getting things setup to run PrE most efficiently, then goes into some tips on tuning up one's computer and OS. Finally, it has links on troubleshooting, including the one listed above.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Though it is linked in the PrE Crashing/Hanging article, above, this ARTICLE on "Finding Clues," can be very useful, especially if the BSOD is being caused by a main driver in the OS. It is so useful, that I wanted to make sure that you saw it.


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              NavyPH Level 1

              Sorry Hunt.  I already did all of these things in my past research.  No joy.  It seems to me that the pushed update to 8.01 as a glitch in it that will not allow a lot of folks to write to DVD.  I have to respectfully disagree with you, especially when running a system that works off two processors, one for OS, one for rendering.  Worked very well up until I uploaded the 8.01 push.  Researching this, it would seem there are a lot of folks with the same issue, noting one person saying that he corrected by upgrading to version 10.  I actually got one DVD out of the system, but that was one in 10 attempts.  I can write to DVD from other video programs, no problem.  Just PrE won't allow.  Checked the the speed and other hardware settings, all within norms when trying to do this function.


              Again, thanks for the response.  Maybe someone else tried something different?





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                Sorry that nothing helped.


                As for running off of one physical HDD (assume that that is what you mean), you would be surprised at how much better a well-tuned system runs with separate physical HDD's. The biggest gain is when one moves to a second physical HDD, for media, Projects and Scratch Disks, but there are performance gains to me made, with separating the media onto one phyisical HDD, then the Projects onto another. The % of performance gain is not so great, but still easy to experience.


                To get an idea of how much improvement can be gained, you might want to look at the performance charts at this Web site: http://mysite.verizon.net/wgehrke/ppbm/  Those benchmarks are for PrPro, but they are real-world, and not theoretical gains. Just look at the performance where only the I/O changes.


                Now, this is for Adobe Encore, the authoring app. that ships with PrPro, but it uses a lot of the same Sonic AuthorCore modules, as does PrE, for authoring. When folk have issues burning DVD's, and especially DVD-9's (DL), Rt-clicking on the icon to launch, and choosing Run As Administrator, has cleared many issues.


                You state that the driver for you multi-drive/burner is up to date. What about the firmware?


                Good luck, and wish that I had more to offer.



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                  nealeh Level 5

                  Can you burn to a folder successfully? If so you can then use your disk burning software (download ImgBurn if you don't already have one) to write the folder to DVD.


                  But if 8.0 works fine for you why not remove the 8.0.1 version and reinstall 8.0?





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                    NavyPH Level 1

                    Thanks Neale.  Silly me, thought that if I paid for something, and the vendor requests you to update, then everything would be good...  Sort of gets under my skin that I cannot use one of the options in the original software without having to go, in Adobe's thought, backwards to do so.  That, or add an additional step to the process to do this, which takes more time.  Just isn't right...