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    Swap image - thumbnail & larger image

    Oh happy days

      What I am trying to do:

      I am trying to use the swap image behaviour for the first time and have been following an example from Janine Warner's Dreamweaver CS4 for Dummies.  My webpage has a large image in a div in one column and a series of thumbnail images in the div of the second column http://www.glidingswans.co.uk.  On mouse over of the thumbnail images, I would like large image to change to match the selected thumbnail image.


      What I have done so far:

      I have created two versions of the images (using Photoshop): a large one 400x300px and a small one 100x75px - the thumbnail images.   I have created a swap image behaviour on the top thumbnail [only] (ID autumnLeaves) to change the large picture (the thumbnail of which has an ID: display_photo) to a 400x300px version of the top thumbnail (autumnLeaves).


      What I have achieved so far:

      All I have been able to do to change the thumbnail 'display_photo' into the thumbnail 'autumnLeaves'. The large image in column one remains unchanged.


      Help needed:

      I've tried to find help from various sources (online / books) regarding why this does not work. I did suspect that it would not change the large image as there is no reference/option in the Swap Image pop up box to the location of images, but I do not know how to include this missing bit of instruction.