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    Problem batch-resizing still frames for time lapse in project preview


      Hello dear all,


      I simply had now to ask among regular PPro users, a question that I cannot solve.


      Well here it is, first thing : I use Adobe PPro CS5.5 from my work place. OS / Win7


      I plan to use PPro in order to create a time lapse footage. I have all my shots right now, and use the opportunity of the adobe products to use Pan&Scan trailing with after effects. What I cannot do usually with QTpro....


      I imported my frames in my PPro timeline, set to 1frame and works wonderfully.


      BUT, here it comes.... in the upright corner you have that preview "Program : sequence01" and my pictures (PORTRAIT) need to be resized : they do not fit into the frame preview.


      I already resized my pictures in Photoshop as a Batch Process, but as Id like to create a Pan & zooming effect in AfterEffect, hence I need to keep a decent resolution, bigger than the 720p of my movie.


      Now I can resize each frame separately with ease in the PPro preview so that the width and object of my pictures is fitting to the frame, but is it impossible to "batch" resize them by some kind of multiple selection in my timeline, and then hopping in the preview and manually resize them all at once??


      As said, even resizing in Photoshop is not a solution since my pictures are in portrait, whereas the video framework is in 16:9 right ?


      Please find a self explanatory illustration below, I try to explain that problem as clear as I can, hoping I made myself understandable.


      I advance thank you very much, I wait for your knowledge to teach me