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    cannot open file

    Fred Ziffel

      Why do i get the message "The project is not compatible with the current version of Adobe Premiere Elements (10), when this is the program that created the project?

      Many hours shot to &$#% !!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Will one of your AutoSaves Open?


          Good luck,



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            Fred Ziffel Level 1

            Yes, the 1st three of 6 auto saves opens fine.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Great! Sounds like the PREL was corrupted, in some way.


              Note: AutoSaves are FIFO (First In/First Out), so that as one edits, and AutoSaves are accumulated, when the set number of AutoSaves is reached, then the oldest one is rewritten, with the same file name. That means that AutoSave 3, might well be newer, than AutoSave 5. To tell which is the latest (more editing done), I change the View Mode to Detail, and look at the Date/Time of the 5, or so, AutoSave Files, starting to test with the last one created, and working back.


              As I go along, with editing, I also use Save_As, and Save_As_a_Copy, after major edits, so that I seldom loose much work, if disaster strikes.


              Good luck, and hope that you did not loose too much work.




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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Meantime, I'd be concerned as to why most of your saves are corrupting!


                It could be a problem with your computer (eg, fragmentation or malware on your hard drive) or it could be related to the video you're using to compose your project.


                But whatever it is, I'd recommend you try to get to the bottom of it, or this corruption issue is only going to get worse.

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                  Missteach Level 1

                  I've just tried to open a project that I half completed about a month ago.  And, I see the exact same message you saw too.  But, my Auto-Save versions won't open either.


                  How very odd!

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    As per Steve's comment in Reply #4, I would be concerned about an I/O issue, with all of that corruption.


                    Are you editing to/from either a networked, or external HDD?


                    If no, on both counts, then can you tell us about your internal HDD's? Their size, speed, free-space, controller type and how you have them allocated, might give a clue. Major read/write errors are less common with SATA HDD's, unlike the older SCSI units, but can still happen under certain circumstances.


                    Another possibility would be some program getting in the way, during a Save, or AutoSave, such as real-time anti-virus/anti-malware scanning. You might also check whether you have Windows Indexing ON, for the destination HDD. It often causes a slow down, and not corruption, but because it locks files (especially newly created files), while it trys to index it, I can see a possibility for it doing harm, though I feel that it would be a less likely culprit, than the anti-whatever real-time scanning.


                    Just thinking there, but good luck,



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                      Missteach Level 1

                      I've tried the same project on another PC and it works fine. Only difference between the two is it works when Master Collection CS5 is installed. But, on PC with Master Collection CS6 installed, it doesn't and I see the error message mentioned. How odd.

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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        BTW, which method are you using to open the file?


                        Are you opening by going to Premiere Elements and using File/Open File?


                        You should not be opening the project by just double-clicking on it in Windows Explorer.

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                          Missteach Level 1

                          I open the project the normal way - from within PE10.  All seems to be fine on my CS5 PC but CS6 clearly doesn't like it!


                          I was just about to install CS6 on the other PC when I thought I'd try it with just CS5 on the PC.


                          I'll wait until the project is complete before upgrading that machine!!!

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            OK, and just so that I am clear on the steps that you have taken, are you saying that PrE 10 yields an error, when you try to Open the PREL, but PrPro CS 5 can Open that same PREL just fine, and then PrPro CS 6 cannot Open it?


                            Just as a test, I would also try to Import the PREL into PrPro CS 6.


                            I have found that PrPro can usually Import, or Open a PREL, so long as it was created with a somewhat contemporary version of PrE, and also if the PrE Project did not contain Instant Movies/Themes, or some 3rd party Effects, or Transitions, that PrPro does not have. However, when one gets past a few contemporary versions, the likelihood goes down. For instance, I could Open PrE 3 and 4 PREL's in PrPro 2.0, but a PREL from PrE 7, 8 or 9, would not Open. They would, but only in CS 4. Have not tried any in PrPro CS 5/5.5/6, so cannot comment on that.


                            Good luck,



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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              So you're trying to open a Premiere Elements project in Premiere CS6? That's a completely different matter than we've been discussing, isn't it?

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                                Missteach Level 1

                                Hello - I'm not sure where you are getting some of your confusion from.


                                as stated, I am attempting to open a 'Premiere Elements 10' project from within 'Premiere Elements 10'.  I am opening it on the same PC as the project was originally created a few weeks ago.  I am a high school teacher by trade so I haven't had time to return to the project for a few weeks.  Now, when I do attempt to open the project, I get the exact same error message that was stated in the first thread:


                                'The project is not compatible with the current version of Adobe Premiere Elements'.  -  This shows up as a warning dialogue box.


                                This PC is additionally running 'Master Collection CS6'.  Incidentally, although I haven't mentioned it, the 'Elements 10' project will open in 'Premiere Pro CS6' on this PC.  This was only attempted after attempting to open it in 'PE10' and it failed with the error message stated.


                                So, what I did next was open the exact same project on another PC.  This also has 'Premiere Elements 10' on it and 'Master Collection CS5'.  It opened without problem on this PC - the one with CS5 installed.  I was about to upgrade to CS6 on this PC when I thought I'd attempt to open the 'non-opening Premiere Elements 10' project from within Premiere Elements 10.  Remember, this is a PC that has Master Collection CS5 on it.  The project opened without problem on this CS5 PC.  I haven't tried to open it in 'Premiere Pro CS5'.  I see no need.


                                So, as stated earlier, the only difference that I see between the two PCs is one runs 'CS5' and one runs 'CS6'.  The non opening 'PE10' project will not open when CS6 is installed but will open without problem when CS5 is installed.

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  Thank you for the clarification.


                                  Since both PC's have PrE 10 (though one has CS 5 MC, and the other has CS 6 MC, which should make no difference, as those other Adobe programs install within separate folders, and neither CS suite should interfere with PrE), but one will not Open its own Project, my first thought would be that there is a difference between those two PC's. It might be the installation of PrE on one, or it could be that there is something else installed on the faulting machine, that is interfering with that Project Opening.


                                  Can you think of any major differences, such as different anit-virus, or anti-malware programs?


                                  I am not familiar with the error message, that the faulting installation of PrE is yielding, so I do not have anything definite to add. Perhaps, a quick perusal of this ARTICLE will show some difference? I realize that is probably an over-generalization, and apologize, but it is from a lack of experience with that error message. I have seen a few instances, where PrE would throw an error along the lines of "This Project was produced in PrPro (when it was definitely produced in PrE and is a PREL file), and you need to Open it in PrPro... " I have never seen an explanation for why such an error would be thrown. On the sufrace, it makes no sense at all, but has happened enough, that I recall several such posts. What is causing the corruption to the PREL, and then the confusion in PrE is a mystery to me. I have examined the headers of such problem PREL's, and they definitlely show that the Project file WAS created in PrE.


                                  Still, something has to be different, and maybe an uninstall/reinstall will "fix" that difference?


                                  Wish that I could be of more help, but good luck,



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                                    Missteach Level 1

                                    Just a quick update for anyone else in a similar situation.


                                    I can run the project in PE10 on a PC with CS5 installed.  So, I made some edits and saved the project within PE10 on the PC with CS5 on it. I transferred the project to the PC with CS6 on it and opened the project within PE10 and I still see the same error message.




                                    PE10 Not Compatible.jpg

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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                      OK, do you recall the order of installation of the two Premiere versions, on the faulting computer? By that, did you have PrE 10, and then installed CS 6, or the other way around?


                                      Going back to PrE 4 and Production Studio CS 2, I encountered issues, though not what you are experiencing. In my case, I had Production Premium CS 2 complete, with PrPro 2.0, EncoreDVD 2.0, AfterEffects 7, Acrobat Pro 7, Photoshop CS2, OnLocation, Illustrator CS 2, and probably one more program, that I am not recalling now. The Proudcution Premium CS 2 suite functioned perfectly for about a year. I then installed PrE 4, and it broke the entire Production Studio CS 2 suite - everything! A quick search of the Adobe KB showed that it was a known issue. The "fix" was to do a Repair Install for the Production Studio CS 2 suite, which worked 100% and only took about an hour - since then, everything has worked perfectly. Adobe had never anticipated that many people with PrPro 2.0, would then add PrE 4.0, so that blind-sided them.


                                      Now, back to the first question. If you insalled PrPro CS 6, after PrE 10, it could be that the installation broke PrE 10. Not sure if the option still exists to do a Repair Install, but I would explore that for the version of PrE 10, on the faulting machine.


                                      Going back, if one had an Adobe program, or suite, installed, just inserting the installation disc, would bring up a dialog, offering to: Repair Install, or Uninstall. If Repair Install was chosen, then the installer routine would survey the system, and the installed program, then would quickly repair, or replace anything broken. If one had the suite, there were two surveys: the first was for the installed elements in the suite, and then one was presented with an option to select the program from the suite, and finally, the above two options were presented.


                                      Good luck,



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