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    Video playing, no audio OSMF 2.0 on iOS


      I'm using the MediaPlayerSprite to play a local video from a file using OSMF 2.0.  The audio/video plays fine on an Android but I only get the video on an iPhone, no audio.  I've tried setting  

      OSMFSettings.enableStageVideo = false; and the backgroundAlpha = "0" but nothing helps.  There are no objects in front of the container.  I'm using FB 4.6.  Can anyone give me any other suggestions as to what I might try to fix this issue?

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          Silviu Vergoti Adobe Employee

          If you see the video but don't hear the audio, the problem is not the stagevideo. Try to set the volume level from the iPhone controls and to ensure that mediaplayer volume and mute properties are set to values that allow playback.

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            SteveRicketts Level 1

            This is part of a mobile training application and I allow the learner to record an audio response in addition to viewing the videos.  When they record a response, you can hear the playback so the device has its volume up and working when the app is running.  Since I posted this issue, I switched to .flv video and that plays ok.  It's apparently the .mp4 video that's a problem.  I'm encoding it with ffmpeg and suspect that it's something with the settings.   Do you have a recommendation for mp4 settings for OSMF?