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    Controlling External swf from different domains.

      Hey there, I'm sure this is a newbie question, but I'm trying to figure out this one for almost 2 days now.
      I'm using loadClip to load an external movieclip from a different domain.

      This site contains an empty mc container which is called dynamically using loadAvatar() function:

      loads this:

      The head.swf contains a movieclip avatar_mc which has different keyframes. Now the problem is I can't control the head.swf using facePosition() function in avatar.swf

      I tried to trace:
      eval("avatar_" + userID + ".myAvatarloader_mc.myAvatarhead_mc")

      and it trace properly. But when I included the movieclip ("avatar_mc") from the loaded movie ("head.swf"):
      eval("avatar_" + userID + ".myAvatarloader_mc.myAvatarhead_mc.avatar_mc")
      all i got is undefined.

      Am I missing something? Hope you got it and thanks in advance.