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    Missing Profile AI CS3


      For the first time ever last Wednesday each time I open a file in AI - CS3 I get the same message: "Missing Profile - The doc does not have an embedded CMYK profile". I looked in user>library>profiles and sure enough they were gone? I downloaded new profiles from Adobe, installed them in user>library>profiles - and still the same thing with each file I open. I dragged AI to the trash, re-installed AI from my disc repeated the process with the same results - HELP!

      I don't seem to be able to find any info on the Adobe forum, I realize I need to upgrade but for now what is the solution - Thanks in advance. Boatingislife!

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          boatingislife Level 1

          Here is a screen shot of the message:


          Picture 3.png

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            John Danek Level 4

            This is standard when you have "Ask When Opening" selected in your Color Settings.  It's a good way to remind you what to do about your assigned color profile.  Someone must have made a change to your applications settings without telling you.  I actually prefer to work this way and typically just OK the warning as part of opening the file.  I have it set to ask me in Photoshop, too.

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              boatingislife Level 1

              Hi John,




              Thanks for the help, it appears that things are back to normal. Dang it – I was mentally going to buy the latest Mac just to remedy the situation – perhaps on the next problem. Hey to everyone that helped me with this I want to THANK all of you! I had no other local resources for technical help other than load it up and run it over to the local Mac repair place.




              But I’m very protective of my files and that would have been really hard to leave it behind, I probably would have asked if I could set next to it while they fixed it. – I know weird but I have thousands of hours logged in creating my files as many of you do as well.




              A big salute to everyone in the forum!