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    Project Settings for Sony NexVG 20


      I bring in footage from a Sony Nex VG 20 camera into after effects.  I drag it to the new composition icon.  The footage is all squished, and I check that the pixels are right.  It's 1440 x 1080.  The composition settings are HDV 1080 29.97.  Then, I changed the Pixel Aspect Ratio in the composition settings to "Square Pixels".  My footage is no longer squished looking.  Now, the fooage is wider than the viewing box, so I continue to try many settings to get the footage to match up with the composition settings and it's not working.  I am having a very hard time figuring this out.  When I put the setting to HDTV 1080 29.97, then everything looks good, but I am wondering if that setting is fine or why after effects wouldn't default to that setting in the first place when I bring the footage in by dragging it onto the new comp button which is supposed to make sure the composition exaclty matches the footage settings?


      Thank you for your time!

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          Well, you have all the answers right in your face. AE is doing everything right. HDV alway is anamorphic and based on its automatic interpretation rules will create a matching composition. You can compensate for that by enabling the aspect ratio correction button in the comp viewer. Another option would be to manualyl create a full HD 1920x1080 comp and drop the footage in there. AE will un-squeeze the HDV footage automatically, again based on its automatic interpretation rules. You really need to read up on that in the help files...



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            Orpheus22 Level 1

            I'm sorry, I still don't understand.  If AE is doing everything right, then why does my footage look squished?  All I want to do is edit a piece and I bought Adobe programs to do the heavy lifting.  Yes, it is a great tool and I don't fully understand it, but your answer wasn't very helpful for a beginner.


            Yes, I hit toggle aspect ratio correction, and it looks fine now, but why wouldn't the composition do that on its own?

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              Why should it? I'm sorry, but you really need to read up on video formats and their specifics and how that translates to working with them. That's not even specifically limited to Adobe tools - you would probably feel just as confused in otehr editing suites. Without understanding this stuff at least a tiny bit, you'll be forever making a mess of sizes, framerates, fields, imported graphics and whatever else can go wrong and ultimately make your final result crappy. That and of course things like CoDecs and settings for final output and/or transferring intermediate clips between programs. There is no easy and simple answer here unfortunately. Similarly, you need to understand your way through the differences between AE as a compositing program vs. Premiere Pro as an editor and where to do which parts of your work best and most efficiently. "All I want to do is edit this piece..." is just not a sufficient basis for any such decisions. What do you wanan do with your footage? Where is it gonann end up? what otehr specifics are involved? All this may dictate completely different priorities and it wil ldo so not only for this project but all that are to follow. Again, you realyl need to have at least some basic grasp of some of the concepts or this is going nowhere...



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                Your answers aren't helpful and I don't consider you a "community professional."  A community professional would ask a few targeted questions to get down to the root of the issue quickly and help me along my way.  I understand where to do the majority of my editing, and when to use after effects.  I had a specific problem because I am unfamiliar with my friend's camera.  No, I am not an expert on interlacing, aspect ratios, codecs and the like, but I have been working on having a better understanding of it and no, I haven't read enough.


                Answers that include "study more" don't solve a problem.  Thank you.

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                  Vg20 is NOT HDV.  VG20 is 1920 x 1080.  Just drop a clip onto the "make new composition"  icon at the bottom of the project panel and it should create a composition with proper settings.

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                    Orpheus22 Level 1

                    That is exactly what I do, and I still can't figure it out.  I have rendered out my After Effects projects, and they are in the 4:3 ratio, but once I drop them back into Premiere, it "fixes it."  It is probably making my footage look worse.


                    When I import the .mts files from the VG20 into Premiere, and click on them in the project panel, it reads:


                    1440 x 1080 (1.3333333) 29.97fps


                    Why would you say it is 1920 x 1080?  Keep in mind I am taking this footage from a friend's camera, so I don't know what settings it has or why this footage would import and display that way.


                    It works fine in Premiere Pro, but I can't get it to work in After Effects without some sort of pixel aspect ratio problem.


                    Could someone please list exactly the settings I need, and the menus I need to change them in step by step? Maybe someone who has a Sony VG20?


                    Thanks for your time and help!

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                      It's seems to me that your friends footage is HDV which was shot on a different camera then the VG20.  The VG20 is not 1440x1080.  Unless After Effects is having an issue with this footage and can't read it correctly.

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                        I output my project to DVD using "Send to Encore" and it plays fine, but the picture isn't as sharp as it should be.  Should I be using the "Export" option and selecting another way to output it for best quality?  It just looks a little too pixelated.  I can assure you that the camera he used was a Sony Camcorder that is the VG-20.


                        Here is a link to the specs on B&H: 

                        http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/818266-REG/Sony_NEXVG20_NEX_VG20_Interchangeable_Len s_HD.html


                        The recording section does list the 1440 x 1080, which is fine, but I don't feel like the picture is as sharp as it should be.


                        Granted, I am adding a lot of overlay effects to some shots, but most shots have no effects and I don't know why it looks so blocky.


                        Could anyone walk me through the settings?  I would be willing to pay money for some help at this point if it actually solved my problem.


                        Thank you for your time again!



                        Update:  When I select File, then Export Media, then I select Format "DVD Mpeg 2" from the list, my output file says ".m2v" as the extension which is something I don't understand, and it creates 3 separate files, one of which is .wav for the audio.  This happens when I use the media encoder.  I just want to make a higher quality DVD file that I can use with encore since "Send to Encore" doesn't seem to be getting me good video quality.  Sure, it plays, but it is very pixelated.  If someone could give me some pointers as to which setting I would use to create a DVD, or what setting to use to create a file I could bring into Encore and burn a DVD with, that would be really appreciated.  I don't understand all of the formats and presets.

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                          No ideas anyone?