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    Unable to transfer ebook from PC to Device

    Dr. Death 1

      We loaded software the other day to PC & downloaded ebook from local library & transferred to Kobo device OK.

      Today, we tried another book and got an error message, indicating that the ID was being used by another user.

      There is no other user - only using single computer for download purposes.

      Can anyone help?

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          Level 4

          The message refers to the user ID that's in place at the time you're trying

          to download.  I'll bet you used a different ID to log into the library.

          Make sure you used the same ID you used when you downloaded the first ebook



          If you did, it means the library did not clear the ID from the previous

          loan checkout.  Talk with their technical support function and see if they

          can get this fixed.....


          Good luck!