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    how to edit downloaded project file?[very basic question]




      i hope you all would be fine, i dont know whther its perfect place to ask this or not.


      i am almost beginner in the premier, i have basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, actually i wanted to create nice video for my brother wedding pictures and i started Googlying, than i downloaded a adobe premier project file with all required files, you can see the demo video here




      and here is the screenshot of project files

      Image 1.png

      Image 2.jpg

      Image 3.jpg


      now what i have to do is to just replace the photos with my own photos, also to change the text. In the last i have to export the video into suitable format to play on DVD Player etc.But i am unable to do so becaue of lack of knowledge, so please help me to accomplish my task by step by step process. Thats why i decided to as this from all you experts.


      i am sure i will get gigantic knowledge here.