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    click on images

      I want user to click on image and then a message comes up prompting user if he wants to download image to harddrive so he can save it for later use.
      how can i do this
      help please
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          Which part of this are you struggling with?

          If I were to break it down into steps it might go something like:
          1). What's the name of the bitmap they clicked on? I might need this to
          determine the source filename for copying and also for a filename in the
          Save dialog
          2). Present a "Save as..." dialog prompting the user to select a folder
          to place the image into and a name for it
          3). Copy the source image to the destination folder

          My tendency would be to use Buddy API (an xtra) to manage 2 and 3 but I
          perhaps say that because I know my way around it and have a full
          licence. FileXtra4 would do nearly as well
          < http://www.mods.com.au>
          < http://homepage.mac.com/klkersten/xtras/FileXtra4/index.html>