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    Help... Print Settings Won't Open

    1957GoldTop Level 1

      In order to get to the ABW printing mode, I need to have "Printer Manages Colors" selected for "Color Handeling".  Then when I click on "Print Settings" I get the normal "Print" box that comes up where I have access to normal "Print Settings" options, one of which is "ABW" under "Print Mode".  And this has been working fine.  Then all of a sudden today, when I enable "Printer Manages Colors" and I click "Print Settings" nothing happens.  No new dialog box opens to the "Print" options as it usual does.  Nothing pops up.  If I switch color handling back to "Photoshop Manages Colors" and click on the "Print Settings" the box opens up as normal… but now of course the ABW option is greyed out.


      I tried reinstalling the printer driver (Epson 3880)… but it's not related to the driver since it happens on multiple printers (HP & Epson).  This is a problem within Photoshop.  To make sure I'm not crazy, I tried it on another computer and it works as expected.


      What could have caused this and how do I fix it?


      PS and OSX are on their current versions (12.0,.4 and 10.7.3 respectively)