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    Can't add extra files to package when exporting app for android

    matteosistisette Level 1



      I have created an ActionScript Mobile Project in order to create an application for AIR for Android .

      I need to include some files into the package, so that they are packaged with the application. For the moment I am including one extra swf file which the application will dynamically load.

      I've placed these files into the bin-debug directory, and I have included them in the "package contents" in the Project Properties window. See screenshots 1 and 2.


      However, when I do "export release build", in the "package contents" tab these files are not shown, and there is no way to add them (see screenshot 3).

      How do I include files into the package? Or, since I have _already_ included a file into the package contents in the project, why is it not packaged when exporting the app?


      By the way I have already been able to accomplish this in the past with Flash Professional. Actually I'm migrating to Flash Builder a project that previously I had done in Flash Professional, and I didn't have any trouble including this and other extra files into the package and everything worked.


      Any idea?




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