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    APrepair filter could not open bin-file


      Hey forum.


      get this error on a project and now cannot open my project.

      it's a filter corruption that is causing the file to error out i think.
      i have tried opening several auto saves and it seems to coincide with some sound filter adjustments that were made.
      is there a way to remove the filter outside of the file?

      say - delete something from the library that would clear al instances of it?





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          Jim Curtis Level 3

          Find the folder where the plug-ins are located (You're on your own, since you didn't follow forum basics and list your system specs.), and move the APrepair filter.  Then your project may open with a "missing plug-in" message.  Then, find the clip(s) upon which you applied the filter, remove all instances of it, and maybe you'll be back in business.