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    CS4 - use replace color tool with precise rgb value


      Hi All,


        I've seen plenty of tutorials on the use of the Image > Adjustments > Replace Color... tool and in all of these tutorials, they will simply slide the hue slider to a color they wish to change to. I know that in the replacement section, a user can click the color box and choose a color from the swatches, even copy and pasting a specific hex code value. This is great for web dev work where I need a precise hex color for an image. Problem is, this doesn't work. It seems to blend the new color with the existing one. What I find myself doing is more of an iterative process then: I'll use the eye-dropper tool on this blended color, then repeat the Replace Color steps again and again until I get something close to my intended new color. There has to be a better way. Is this the wrong tool to use for my use case? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.