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    after rendering a Dynamic Link section in Premiere, can I re-edit?


      The premise...


      I had finished my After Effects portion of the dynamic link process and naturally, wanted to see how it jibed with visual elements in my premiere project. But there was a problem with the delay in play-back as the effects were not able to play in real-time in Premiere. It was sticking or stuttering or would just get stuck where that orange bar kept filling left to right.. Btw, my computer has plenty of power and meets the requirements. I also, lowered all the playback features to the lowest denominators like quarter resolution, half, reolution etc..


      So i had no choice but to render just only that liniked section. 


      Afterwards, it played beautifully, of course. But now I want to make some edits and tweaks, and this is where my contention lies.


      MY QUESTION is: how do I go back n' forth from PR and AE to watch and re-watch and edit, do I un-render it, then render again, or do I throw it away (the rendered version) and upon doing so, will that section reappear because the link will remember it? 


      Does it re-link again, if i choose to delete it? But that doesn't make sense because I had to choose that area first in Premeire THEN drop it in AE, thereby linking it as the source. So if I threw it away, would After effects go blank?


      I hope this makes sense.


      Thanks ahead of time..