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    How to Change the "Show" link appearance in all WebHelp Topics

    alaplume_123 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I was wondering how to update the "Show" link in all of my help system topics.


      I selected the "Show Navigation Pane Link in topics" option when publishing my WebHelp project in Robohelp 9, and a "Show" link appears above my breadcrumbs that allows the user to get back to the TOC pane when they launch a Context Sensitive Help link from the application.


      This option is great - however, I would like to update the "Show" link to appear as a button, rather than a hyperlink. Is there a way to do this? I searched this forum but didn't come across anything, so I was hoping that someone out there could help me out with this.


      I have attached a screen shot of my help system with the "Show" link circled....this is what I would like to update to something else. Screen Shot 2012-04-01 at 5.37.40 PM.png


      Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated!!