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    cfautosuggest in CF 9.0.1


      I am running into issues implementing autosuggest with CF9.01. 


      test.cfm is extremely simple:


      <cfform action="test.cfm" method="post">


      <cfinput name="foo" type="text" autoSuggest="cfc:/cfdocs/ElectricDream/Controllers/AutoSuggest.FindConsumer({cfautosugges tvalue})">

      <br /><br />


      <input type="submit" value="Add">



      AutoSuggest.cfc says:




      <cffunction name="FindConsumer" access="remote" returntype="Array" output="false">

      <cfargument name="SearchTerm" required="false">


      <cfset myarray=["Vivian", "Vito", "Aidan", "Aaron", "Robert"]>


      <cfreturn myarray>







      As you can see, I am creating a static array (the real one will of course depend on the text in the cfinput box).


      This CFC works fine if I invoke it from a CFM page; I get an array with the names.


      But it does nothing in this form.


      I saw Adam's response re using oncfcrequest, and can't figure out what change to make. I added the cffunction to application.cfc, and that did not do the trick.


      What am I missing?