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    Upgraded to PE 10, but where do I put . . . ?

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      I finally bit the bullet and switched my OS to Windows 7 64-bit mode, and also upgraded to Premiere Elements 10, since I was having so many problems with PE 8.  However, I am in the middle of a movie project started in PE 8, and I would like to finish it in PE 10.  I no longer have PE 8 installed on the the computer, but before removing it, I saved the entire scratch disk -- on a different drive -- and I also saved about 8 Gigs worth of media clips associated with the earlier program that were located in a folder called Media Cache. 


      The question is, where do I put this folder full of media, since they are part of this current project?  PE 10 doesn't seem to have a folder called Media Cache, although there is a folder named Media I/O.


      If anyone could tell me how to get all these clips back into PE 10, I would be much obliged.



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          nealeh Level 5

          You may encounter difficulties in finishing a PRE8 project in PRE10. Your best bet is to reinstall PRE8 (all versions of PRE can be run without affecting any other). Then from PRE8 Share the project to the appropriate format (e.g. DV-AVI for standard definition). You can then import that Share to PRE10 to continue working.


          Note though that the import will be as seen in PRE8. So if you had created titles in PRE8 you won't be able to edit them in PRE10. The same with effects and transitions.


          So if your project is in a state where you would want to edit things like existing Titles and Effects you would be better completing the whole project in PRE8.





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