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    Sound from imported M-jpeg  video always ends up on track 4

    MDenver Level 1

      Importing an M-jpeg video works fine with the PICVideo M-jpeg plugin, but no matter what I try, the audio always ends up on track 4. I can move the video from track one to any other track, but the audio is always stuck in track 4.  Note that this happens when I drop a video inside a new clean sequence, so it's not trying to match a similar audio track.


      a - Is anyone aware of this issue with M-jpeg?

      b - Is there a way in Premiere to move the content of audio track 4 to 1 without moving the video channel (note: I'm new to Premiere)


      EDIT: it seems that I'm trying to move a mono audio track to a stereo track, so the problem is solved.


      This leads me to a new question. I rearanged the tracks, so that track 1 is now mono. is it possible to use this sequence as a preset for any oher M-jpeg projects? I just don't feel like rearanging everything for every new M-jpeg project.