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    ehlpdhtm.js error

      Since last week, I have this message: "The file "ehlpdhtm.js" used in "S1650000.htm", is outside of the current project and will not be shown in Project Manager.", every time I open the project, RoboHelp stop on every page I created with an HotSpot or a Drop Down on it or where I add an HotSpot or a Drop Down since last week. This represent about 200 pages of this project. It occurs every time when I add a new HotSpot or a Drop Down too! IThis RoboHelp project, was develop with RoboHelp x5, and I didn't ever have this error message before. What can I do? The project is about 4000 HTML files. I'm going crazy when I think if the only solution will be to modify manually the HTML code on every page where it occurs! Please help ...
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Welcome to the forum.

          That file should be in the root of your project. Is it? (Look using Windows Explorer).

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            DrewMRQ Level 1
            The file ehlpdhtm.js is there, at the root of the project in Windows Explorer.

            The reference for this file may be broken or missing somewhere in RoboHelp XML system's file?
            I'm I right?
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
              Open one of the problem topics in Notepad and locate the reference to the ehlpdhtm.js file. Is it the correct relative path to the root of your project?

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                DrewMRQ Level 1
                The path is OK in the files.
                I finally find a solution to patch the problem. I add the file "ehlpdhtm.js" in the Baggage File item in RoboHelp itself, save the project and rebuilt it. And it works now! But, I don't understand why I have to do that today. Since three or four years it work just fine...
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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Hi DrewMRQ

                  You said this project began life in X5? What are you using now? 6? 7? If you upgraded to 6 or 7, perhaps you also need to click Tools > Update DHTML Effects in Topics?

                  Just thinking out loud... Rick
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                    I had the same problem and used clues from this thread to resolve.  The cause was most likely that I foolishly tried to move a file from a subfolder to the root folder while it was open for editing.  Instead of handling this gracefully but telling me to save first, Robohelp bungled the move.  The resolution I used was to edit the .htm that had the error, using Notepad.  I searched for the word "jsRelative.js" (the error in my case) and found tha it had a "../jsRelative.js" path.  Changing this to "jsRelative.js" path solved my issue.  Hope this helps someone else.