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    A question regards to creating fillable forms in InDesign

    MangaGal Level 1

      Hi guys


      First of all, this question may or may not have been asked before. Apologise for repeating it if it has been asked.


      I know the steps to create the text fields, radio buttons, etc for a fillable form in Acrobat Pro. I usually layout the design in InDesign, export flat PDF, and use Acrobat to finish off the fillable element.


      This question has bugged me for some time and I haven't been able to figure it out. Basically, when I run the form wizard in Acrobat, it picks up some of the text fields / tick boxes, etc, and I thought it's a bit random to pick up some but not all of the fields automatically. My question is how can I set up the form in InDesign so that Acrobat picks up most/all of the fields like in this video (https://adobechats.adobeconnect.com/_a200985228/a9idform/)?


      My question might be vague... let me elaborate a bit.

      Should I use a table cell for a text field so that Acrobat will pick up that cell and says "this is a text field"?

      Or should it just a text box?

      A frame?

      What about tick boxes? How would Acrobat know? Does it guess?

      Is there a rule that I can follow?

      How to make the form accessible?


      Thanks heaps for your help in advance.