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    Chrome Lib 4.0 release

    Newt99 Level 1


      Chrome Lib 4.0 has just been released, featuring 99 interdependent behaviors dedicated to 3D !

      The new

      - Collision Trigger Action
      - Walkthrough with Collision
      - Bones Transform Interpolation
      - Bones Motion Mapping
      - Diffuse Color Cycle
      - Timeout Trigger Action
      - Play Animation Trigger Action
      - Overlay Color Picker UI
      - Play Video for Shockwave

      The 100th:
      - Text Area UI (not released yet)

      Additionaly, free version 3.21 was released.

      Best regards,
      Karl Sigiscar.

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          If only Macromedia had hired you. This should surely have been included from
          version 8.5!



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            Yes, this would have been nice if I could have collaborated with Kraig
            Mentor to build the original one. We could have done a lot together.


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              ArielC Level 1
              This is excellent stuff. For those who stumble alot with scripting like me, this makes anyone focus more in the creative aspect of their projects. I have a question. I want to turn lights on/off using emiisive color tweening and behavior trigger ui. Pressing the 1st button turns the light on and 2nd off. BUT when I press the 1st button again nothing happens. What did I miss?

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                Newt99 Level 1

                Thanks Ariel,

                Have you checked 'Use Start Color' in the parameters of the Emissive Color Tweening behavior ?

                You can use the new setColor() handler in free version 3.21 instead of start() / stop(). This way, you can change the target color to e.g 255,255,255 or 0,0,0

                Also, you could use the Overlay Push Button UI in order to create a ON/OFF button displayed over the 3D scene with two antagonist actions.

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                  ArielC Level 1
                  Thanks Karl,

                  I tried the setColor() but it didn't work. For call handler start() it works but only for 1 time. Basically I just want to turn lights on/off repeatedly using buttons like in your opel tutorial.


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                    Newt99 Level 1

                    Hello Ariel,

                    For the Opel Signum sample, I asked the graphic artist, Stephen Magnardi, to create special objects to depict light spots. These objects are mapped with an alpha channel texture. At the beginning, their shader blend level is set to 0 using the Model Blend Tweening behavior. Then, when you click on the Headlights button, the blend tweens up to 100 and down to 0 alternatively.

                    You have to use the same trick if you want to achieve the same effect.

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                      Hi Karl,

                      I'm also a fan of your Chrome Lib even though haven't sent much time really
                      exploring them. it is on my to do list:) I do have a student that is is going to
                      to explore the potential of your behaviors. Could you email me offlist to talk?



                      Director Lecturer / Consultant

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                        Newt99 Level 1

                        Hello Dean,

                        Thanks. I will contact you.

                        You may have a look at this university project at the IOWA State University: