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    Mouse Capture with DragManager


      I'm trying to use the DragManager to perform some custom drag drop behavior, and I'm having problems with what seems like mouse capture issues. For example, suppose I have two list boxes on top of each other. If I use the built in dragEnabled and dropEnabled mxml attributes, when I start to drag from the top list box and drag to the list box below, the top box doesn't scroll as I move below it's border. Further, as I continue to drag on the bottom drop target, it will scroll for me as I mouse over the top and bottom border, to allow the user to scroll to the correct drop item in the box.

      However, if I use the DragManager to handle the drag/drop, and use a DragManger.doDrag inside a mouseDown handler for the top box, as I drag down to the box below, the top box will start to scroll, and the target bottom box doesn't scroll at all.

      Is there any way I can control this behavior. I've tried to removeEventListeners when mousing out of the top, but nothing seems to release the capture. Thanks for any help.