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    Mouse Capture with DragManager

    JChanowitz Level 1

      I'm trying to use the DragManager to perform some custom drag drop behavior, and I'm having problems with what seems like mouse capture issues. For example, suppose I have two list boxes on top of each other. If I use the built in dragEnabled and dropEnabled mxml attributes, when I start to drag from the top list box and drag to the list box below, the top box doesn't scroll as I move below it's border. Further, as I continue to drag on the bottom drop target, it will scroll for me as I mouse over the top and bottom border, to allow the user to scroll to the correct drop item in the box.

      However, if I use the DragManager to handle the drag/drop, and use a DragManger.doDrag inside a mouseDown handler for the top box, as I drag down to the box below, the top box will start to scroll, and the target bottom box doesn't scroll at all.

      Is there any way I can control this behavior. I've tried to removeEventListeners when mousing out of the top, but nothing seems to release the capture. Thanks for any help.