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    Help with vidieo? Premiere Elements

    Jerel Carn Level 1

      I created a slide show in organizer. Now in Premier Elements I have added a narritive and sound track. Hve burnt a dvd in hvchd and it works fine on my dvd players at home but will not work on some other dvd players I have tried. Also when I down load the video to my computer ( mpeg ) to try and get it were I can view on my computer using my windows media player. The video is fine but the narritive and soundtrack only play for the first scene.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's not clear what you mean by you have "burnt a dvd in hvchd".


          DVDs are standard definition video. They are MPEG/VOB files. If you're burning AVCHD to a disc it is not a DVD, and it will only be able to play on disc players capable of playing hi-definition AVC video.


          You could also have performance issues with your computer, which would explain why you can't play it on yoru computer either. But that we couldn't say without knowing your system specs. (You'll also get better results playing AVCHD with Quicktime Player and better results playing most video, including DVDs, with VLC player .)


          So you've got a couple of issues going on here.

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            nealeh Level 5

            Move the narration and soundtrack timelines higher up your project (e.g. Audio3and Audio4). For unknown reasons the tracks named narration and soundtracks frequently cause problems.


            If you have created an AVCHD disk on DVD a Blu-Ray player is still needed to play it back. If it is an ordinary (Standard Definition 720x480 NTSC, or 720x576 PAL) DVD then any player should be able to play it. It is possibly a problem with poor quality DVD blanks (what brand do you use). The burning laser on your PC may be out of alignment - can you play ordinary commercial DVDs, or DVDs produced by friends ob your PC?





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              Jerel Carn Level 1

              Thanks for the help.

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                Jerel Carn Level 1

                Thanks for the help.