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    Reading cfc file




      My company Intranet which runs on Cold Fusion 8 automatically syncs with and creates Intranet users from Active Directory.


      Lately it has not been able to sync with AD and so will not create any new users.


      I checked the Intranet application log file and it says the following:


      Date: {ts '2012-04-02 15:28:09'}

      Error Message: The value '' cannot be converted to a number.

      Error file: (line)853 - (template)C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Intranet\cfcomponents\security\ad.cfc

      Error details:


      I have tried to view the ad.cfc file and I cannot, if I open it in any text editor it just comes up like this:


      Allaire Cold Fusion Template

      Header Size: New Version³          _®QÀ ðöÂó^£… Éhqؤä8X°É¿Ìò©‰P^qv ßNÊÒ‡ùF Íû'ÉÊËåwI©Mé›ü¿Þ °šVÎ3IwUe@ @’ô û”\v‰ ù>eÐ×åR

      . ëD§>ÑiŸÔðêôZiŸÔðêôZiŸÔðêôZiŸÔðêôZiŸÔðêôZiŸÔðêôZiŸ&#14 1;ÔðêôZiŸÔðêôZiŸÔðêôZiŸÔðêôZiŸÔðêôZiŸÔðêôZÐuI0’aƒ QA; #iJUÒg‹¡måÙ•¨R½ØvÖF,ì‚ À

      .......... etc


      I have no knowledge of Cold Fusion at all and so was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction regarding this issue?